Burrata and Cantabrian Anchovies 

served with mixed salad

€ 9,00

Jamon Serrano 12 months

80 gr of Iberian cured ham

€ 7,00

Tataki di Picanha

Seared picanha with teriaki sauce, mustard, olive oil and Maldon salt.

€ 14,00

Tartare di Fassona Piemontese ( seasoned with France - 100gr)

Fassona beaten with a knife with salt, oil and pepper, worcester sauce, mustard, Tabasco, Cantabrian alix, lemon, shallot, parsley and fresh yolk

€ 16,00

Focaccia base

seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and salt.

€ 3,00

Focaccia base with different type of raw salami and vegetables

for 2 people

€ 13,00

Focaccia base with raw salami and cheese

for 2 people

€ 16,00